Growing Our Future Together

Growing Our Future Together

Town of Stettin Facilities Fund

A Brief History of the New Town Hall and Garage Project

The current Town of Stettin town hall and garage were built in phases starting in the 1950’s. Over time, the facilities have been impacted by the weather as well as normal wear and tear. With the passage of time, the needs for the hall and garage have likewise changed with increases in town population, changes in equipment utilized, advances in technology, and similar events. Therefore, over ten years ago, the townspeople began to look into new facilities. Money ($387,000) had been set aside to build a new town hall. Unfortunately, due to a variety of circumstances, the process stalled.

In the summer of 2015, the current board was offered land adjacent to the current town hall and garage at a fair price with the idea that it would be the site for new facilities. The board did ultimately purchase the property. A facilities committee was appointed by the board and in September 2015 began exploring the options of remodeling the current facility as well as new construction of town hall and town garage. “Needs and wants” were explored. Stettin crew/staff members were brought into the discussion. The committee toured other town halls and garages, inquiring about the pros and cons of each. Meetings were held with various builders, architects, engineers, and others in the building trades to discuss costs and issues regarding remodeling as well as new construction. Most of the consultation was provided on a complementary basis by these experts. The committee met weekly to twice-weekly the first five months, with individual members often putting in more than twenty hours per week. The information was presented to the Town Board in January of 2016 without any concerns or changes voiced by the board. The facilities committee continued to gather more information, etc. until they presented their findings at an informational meeting on April 7th for all townspeople. Information was presented including with justifications for the rationale of the recommendations of the committee as well as estimated costs of remodeling and the new construction of each. Concept drawings and floor plans were provided and reviewed. Handouts were given to all townspeople for their review and the information was all posted on the town website. On April 19, 2016, at the annual meeting, this same information was presented, with handouts, as well as information regarding the anticipated tax implication residents could expect, depending upon the amount ultimately borrowed. Questions and concerns were addressed. Ultimately, the town electorate voted overwhelmingly for building both facilities with 76% voting in favor of building a new town hall/ community center and 58% voting in favor of building a new garage/public works building.

Capital Campaign: Growing Our Future Together

In an effort to reduce tax obligations, the facilities committee looked for strategies to build each facility in a bare bones manner with an eye to the future in terms of needs and uses for all residents. Therefore, with board approval, a capital campaign fund named Growing Our Future Together has been established. Donations to this fund will offset costs of items not included in the building budgets. A “Wish List” has been created as well as named area donations to complement the allocated resources for those designated areas. Cash donations at any level will be useful and appreciated. See the attached donation form for options and further information.

The committee is well aware of the demographic diversity of our population. Although we are diverse, we believe that we are united in a common goal of providing quality town facilities and services of which we can be proud. The heart of our growing township runs through the town facilities. We are excited about this opportunity to grow our future together. The fundraising committee is appealing to our residents, business owners and legacy (founding) families for donations of any size for this campaign.

The town of Stettin has partnered with the Community Foundation of North Central Wisconsin (CFONCW.) All donations are eligible for a tax deduction to the extent the law allows. CFONCW is a non-profit organization that acts as a prudent manager of philanthropic assets created by charitable gifts, donations, and bequests. They provide the financial and administrative services required of a fund raising project that our local committee is unable to provide. These services include online credit card giving capabilities, tax deduction eligibility for donors, professional full time staff, and complete financial records, to name a few. There is no cost to the Town of Stettin with this partnership.

Just as the original garage and hall were built by joining together for the common good, let’s together grow our future. Please join us on this journey so that together we can continue to make the Town of Stettin a unique and desirable place to call home. Together, we can make this historic project become a reality.